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 Your Team's Success Journey Starts Here: Elevate Self-Leadership, Transform Workplace Culture

"It was really inspiring!" – Marika Baltscheffsky, Google
"Amazing!" – Andreas Persson, Netlight Consulting
"So inspiring." – Alexandra Lövgren, Newsec

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“We've completed the Fearless Leaders Academy and we're super happy with the two days, as well as the outcome. It was a perfect combination of theory, personal reflection and group exercises. The program has helped us come closer as a team and increased the level of trust and psychological safety, that will help us collaborate better and make our contribution to the business even stronger. We're super grateful to the dynamic Fearless Minds team, and would highly recommend the program for any high achieving teams wanting to come closer and unleash their full potential.”

Lisa Rytter, Head of Media, Region North Europa at H&M

"I'd like to take the opportunity once again to express my gratitude to both of you for the great days we've had! Your presence has been immensely valued within our team, and it seems that, with your guidance, we've been able to accelerate our team spirit and personal growth significantly. Your distinct ability to share captivating stories and create a safe environment for everyone to contribute has been instrumental in equipping us with relevant tools, culminating in the development of a robust plan. You both exemplify true professionalism! I highly recommend Fearless Leaders Academy to any high-achieving teams seeking to improve the team spirit and foster a greater sense of psychological safety."

– Susanne Schenström, Marketing Experience & Operations Manager at H&M 

"90% of everyone who listened to the Fearless Minds lecture from TUI were very satisfied and wanted to learn more. If you are looking for inspiration, new energy and thoughtful content that makes a difference, I can highly recommend Sophie and Maria!"

– Marc, Head Of People Development & Culture at TUI


Hiring top talent isn't enough. To thrive, top talent needs a psychologically safe work environment and tools to cultivate a fearless mindset. 

We all battle with fear and stress daily. This can be about handling long to do lists, feeling like an imposter, having pressure to perform, juggling work and family life, or simply not feeling like you're good enough. Regardless of the struggle, fear and stress put you directly into a fear-based mindset.

To truly thrive you need to understand how fear and stress affect your biology, intelligence, and the decisions you make. You need to know how to work with your biology and how to strengthen your mindset. That's how you can make better decisions, tap into your creativity, problem solving skills, intuition and become an effective executor. 


The answer lies in achieving a fearless mindset. A mindset where you are not controlled by fear, stress, or pressure. Where you unleash your creativity, self-confidence, and intelligence. Where you get access to more of your potential and perform better by working smarter – not harder. 

It's all about going from "me" to "we"...

...but a strong "we" can't happen without a strong "me".


When you equip your team with a fearless mindset, you not only unleash their actual potential and the group intelligence – you also secure and create psychological safety in the group. Psychological safety has proven to be the number one factor when it comes to building successful and high-achieving teams, according to Google's Aristotle project.


Do you want to know more on how we can collaborate to help your team move from a fear-based to a fearless mindset, while securing psychological safety in the group? Then reach out. 

"I don't think our conference would have been the success it was if we didn't have the afternoon session with Fearless Minds. The discussions we had were very fruitful, personal and honest and gave us really good insight on how we should act to bring out the potential from all of us. Having a fearless mindset is imperative for any company that is ambitious and wants to see real growth. It actuals works and does wonders for creativity and productivity."

– Stefan Lavén, CEO, Data Talks

about sophie & maria

Sophie and Maria have gone from having top jobs in Stockholm and Paris to running their own business in self-leadership and personal development. Their innovative concept has been praised by companies such as Google. They have also worked with companies such as Tradera, Tui, Oriflame, Agentum, Newsec, HON and IPG Media Brands.


About Sophie (standing up in the picture): Sophie has a background from the Stockholm School of Economics and a successful career as a management consultant. She also received the award "Top 10 Most Likely to Succeed" from the prestigious school. In November 2017, she started a community for women's reproductive health which today has over 50,000 members and grows with approx. 1,500 new members each month. She is also the author of the book "Towards Full Potential". 


About Maria (sitting in the picture): Maria has had a successful career at PayPal in Stockholm and Paris. Today, she works part-time as Chief Culture & People Officer at a fast-growing tech company. There, she works actively to transform the culture to become more "fearless" and they see increased growth and profitability, in conjunction with increased well-being and commitment among employees. Maria is also a writer for sites such as MindBodyGreen, The Huffington Post, and Thrive Global with several successful articles that have been shared thousands of times. Maria has also founded Fabulous Mondays - an international community in personal development with +5,000 active readers from over 100 countries.


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christer olsson

Christer Olsson is one of the Nordic region's most hired speakers. He has extensive experience in cultural development, leadership, and business acumen. He is also the coach of some of the Nordic's most experienced leaders and he's the author of several successful books.

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It's all about going from

"me" to "we"...


...but a strong "we" can't happen without a strong "me".

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