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the fearless minds podcast

On our podcast where we share insights, wisdom, and self improvement tools and techniques for the next generation. 


Growing and going outside the comfort zone is a prerequisite for achieving our goals - both privately and professionally. The only problem is that many of us, deep down, feel stress, anxiety and worry about new challenges. The path towards our goals is often characterized by pressure and a feeling of inadequacy. But that does not have to be the case. This podcast will help you shift your mindset and lead yourself so you can create the life you dream of! Remember to subscribe so you don't miss new episodes.

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Maria and Sophie are two women in their 30s who have gone from having prestigious top jobs in Paris and Stockholm, to running their own business in self-leadership and personal development. Their innovative concept is celebrated and they have worked with well-known international companies such as customers such as Tradera, Tui, Agentum, Oriflame, Newsec, Gigstr and IPG Media Brands. Sit back and listen to their inspiring, insightful, and entertaining podcast!


In some of our podcast episodes, we have downloadable documents to help you as a listener follow along more easily. Click below to access them (currently only available in Swedish).

Episode 1:

Impostor syndrome 

Episode 10:

Feminine & maskuline energy

Episode 11:

The formula for fulfilment

(and our 6 human needs)

Episode 35:

The emotional scale

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